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Solar Energy System Installation

Ashwood Solar can provide you with an all-in-one installation of solar panels for domestic homes and commercial and agricultural buildings throughout the south coast region.

As the cost of electricity continues to grow, installations of solar panels continue to fall in price and are rapidly becoming a very smart investment with opportunity for cost savings; you could even consider obtaining feed fees earned from feeding electricity back into the National Grid.

We make it easy for domestic homeowners and commercial businesses to get involved with an expert consultation service, The Ashwood team of highly skilled solar energy technicians can provide you with a full installation of small and large solar & renewable energy solutions.

Ashwood Solar & Renewable Energy Services has qualified technicians who specialise in the supply and installation of solar energy, solar heating & solar air/water heat pump systems.

There are many uses for solar power, each application goes hand in hand with a specific set of customer needs, be it domestic or commercial settings, from innovative facade systems, optimum yield megawatt systems, through to power supply technology for small appliances.

The vast range of applications allows for unique design opportunities to meet and exceed the individual customer requirements.

Talk to one of our solar technicians today on 02392 988 422 to discuss a site evaluation and how our solar solutions can help you achieve your plans.

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